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What Makes For a Great Class with Sean Tipping [E127]
Episode 12727th March 2024 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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"Would you be willing to pay extra for certain classes?" 

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Matt Fanslow and Sean Tipping from the Automotive Diagnostic Podcast discuss what makes for a great automotive training class. They emphasize the importance of practical application, engaging instruction, and a balance between theory and hands-on experience. They also highlight the qualities of an effective instructor and the value of hands-on training.

Show Notes

  • The Build-A-Tech Program (00:00:11) NAPA Auto Tech offers training courses for technicians.
  • Cloning (00:01:39) 
  • Calibrating Subaru(00:08:30)
  • Characteristics of a GGreat Automotive Training Class (00:13:25) 
  • Balancing theory and practicality (00:16:52) 
  • Selecting the right class (00:17:57) 
  • Designing effective classes (00:19:13) 
  • The value of educational strategy (00:23:39)
  • Challenges in class development (00:25:53) 
  • The role of humor and interaction (00:31:56) 
  • Engaging Presentations (00:33:16)
  • Handling Audience Interaction (00:34:40) 
  • Effective Presentation Styles (00:37:14)
  • Responding to Questions (00:37:45) 
  • Honesty and Case Studies (00:42:19)
  • Powerpoint Presentations (00:51:52) 
  • Reference Material (00:55:09) 
  • Hands-On Training (01:04:16) 
  • Logistics of Hands-On Classes (01:05:13)
  • Challenges of Hosting Hands-on Classes (01:10:33) 
  • Interest and Investment in Specialized Classes (01:13:06) 

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