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313: The Convoy // Spiritual Lessons from WW2 19 (Eric Ludy)
22nd March 2020 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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312: The Convoy // Spiritual Lessons from WW2 19 (Eric Ludy)

Speaker: Eric Ludy

Series: Spiritual Lessons from WW2

Study: 19: The Convoy

This is the nineteenth installment in Eric’s series entitled Spiritual Lessons from WW2. In this episode he looks into the key decision in the Spring of 1941 for the British to turn their Naval convoy into dire straits in order to supply relief to General Wavell’s forces holding the Desert Flank. The decision Great Britain made in this significant maneuver is a powerful reflection of how the Body of Christ is designed by God to sacrificially serve the weaker around them.