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Mushroom Samba - Game Master Mamba ft. Cole Rush
Episode 1728th February 2022 • Bebop Tabletop: Designing a Cowboy Bebop RPG • Lijo John and Andrew Wu
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No, you're not on mushrooms! This week we're visited by writer and friend Cole Rush! We talk about hard-learned tricks for Dungeon Mastering and a girl and her dog and a bunch of space mushrooms.

Let's kick the beat!

Two articles for Cole!

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Alternate universe where Cowgirl Ed is hunting bounties
  • How do you make player preparation not a chore?
  • The importance of feedback (Leave us a review!)
  • "Mystery but no Mistrust"
  • Competitive Crossword League
  • That time we talked about the Three Pillars

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