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Murder in Austria
Episode 3820th November 2023 • The BackTracker History Show • The Backtracker
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Murder in Austria

Season: 4 Episode: 38

It was a marriage made in hell. The 35 year old Montague Cyril Williams and the 21 year old Private Margaret Laughlan Williams spent more time drinking and fighting than anything else. She had never wanted to get married but couldn't find. way out. Things had to change and on 4th July 1949, they did.


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The Black Calendar

Hull Daily Mail - Thursday 15 September 1949

Daily News (London) - Saturday 17 September 1949

Dundee Evening Telegraph - Monday 19 September 1949

Leicester Evening Mail - Friday 05 August 1949

West Lothian Courier - Friday 07 October 1949

Aberdeen Evening Express - Monday 13 September 1954


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