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Developing non-technical skills and overcoming a lack of confidence
Episode 1528th September 2021 • The Safety & Health Podcast • Informa Markets
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In this episode, we are joined by Anna Keen, Founding Director at Acre Frameworks, who provides guidance on learning the relevant skills to progress your career and delves into confidence, including how to present yourself and tips for leaders when dealing with Imposter Syndrome.

The interview with Anna, forms part of a series for Women in Health and Safety, carried out by Charlotte Geoghegan, Event and content Manager for Safety & Health Expo, Workplace Wellbeing Show and SHP.

SHP sits on the Women in Health and Safety committee and our goal is with this series is to amplify the voices of women in the profession. Some of the topics covered affect women more than men. Some are deeply personal. We hope that by bringing some of these topics to the fore, we can highlight that people should be able to talk about all sorts of issues that affect us, day-to-day, in a work setting.

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