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TAP 176. The Power of Passion and Overcoming Setbacks. An Interview with Albert Garibaldi
Episode 17631st August 2020 • Top Agents Playbook • Ray Wood
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Our COVID Summer on the lake is sadly drawing to a close.

In a few months, the so called Canadian 'snow birds' would typically be heading south to Florida, the Carolinas or the gulf of Mexico to escape a brutal Toronto Winter but this year, the border to the US is closed to cars and folks are making sure their cottages are stocked with firewood and supplies so they can ride out the winter up North.

For us, it's been a magic summer. The boathouse we started renovating back in March is starting to take shape. I don't know that we'll have it ready for Winter but it's definitely in better shape than it was. For a guy who likes to write copy, record podcasts and create marketing ideas, learning how to demolish, renovate and rebuild something has been an incredible journey of learning with a few failures but some memorable victories.

If this sounds a bit echoee, it's because I'm in a very barren boathouse looking at stud walls, bare plywood walls, some gorgeous hand made timber trusses and a ghetto kitchen that will hopefully be gone by this time next month. If we were in Queensland, finishing would be easy but with the winter temperature getting down  to minus 35 celsius which is about the same temp in Fahrenheit, we're going to need a heap of good insulation and maybe a cosy wood fire to help us combat conditions from November through to May.

...and I guess right now we're all overcoming setbacks and challenges which is what this episode is all about.

But before we get into that, I'd like to welcome some new Bestagents members including
Ben Stevenson from Estate Realty in Queanbeyan NSW
Dan and Ness Brugghink from Wallan in Victoria
Chris Brown from New Vision Real Estate in Glenwood in the Hills District of Sydney
Kim Turner from Mount Pleasant in Perth WA
Peter Stone from Real Estate of Distinction on the Northern NSW Coffs Coast
and Zieglar Coelho from beautiful downtown Brampton right here in Toronto Canada

I'm pumped to be working with our new members and so impressed with how everyone is jumping in to access Bestagents resources to win more listings and make more sales. The marketing library is getting a solid workout and our brand new online pre-listing questionnaire is receiving great feedback from sellers and paving the way for the best possible listing presentation because we've set it up that sellers are taken straight to the member's client review and free ebook page when they submit their pre-listing answers.

I'm getting a clear message that great marketing is more important now than it has ever been before.

Bestagents memberships are exclusive to one agent or team per area, suburb, city, town or district.
Each area is different so message me if you'd like to know more and to check and see if your area is available.


A lot of people are facing challenges right now that they have never faced before.

Life is tricky enough without throwing a global pandemic into the mix and it's fair to say that if you're under 75 years old, you've never had to face any kind of global crisis.

If this was some kind of bizarre social experiment, you'd have to wonder at the extremes many people are experiencing right now.

For some, who get trapped in the downward spiraling vortex of failure and despair, hope quickly fades as they grapple to acquire the resources to cope.

While others...  are reveling in the forced changes these times are bringing and grabbing some amazing opportunities.

My guest this week is Albert Garibaldi, a 20 year veteran, CEO of The Agency, an innovative real estate business operating in California's Bay Area south of San Francisco.

You don't need to spend too long with Albert to know and understand he is living breathing proof about acquiring the best mindset to handle everything and anything.

He's also a 3 book author including The Passion Punch which is a book we get into during this episode and stays firmly in the top 1% of agents within his national group.

You'll discover Albert has a simple yet very powerful formula for life, family, business, health and success and I'm grateful for the opportunity to connect with him as he peels back the layers that helped him overcome some significant learning disabilities and prosper in one of real estate's most competitive markets.  Albert's awesome book:

Connect with Albert

Albert's awesome book: Passion PUNCH to Success




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