Mountain biking as the tool to connect to nature & spirit
Episode 51st June 2023 • Ritual of Practice • Angela Houghton
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Matt Cherry, my very first interview on the Ritual of Practice podcast! I am so grateful to Matt for his willingness to be my first interviewee. This interview took place in 2022 on the Winter Solstice. Matt is based in Vermont. He works as a Mental Health Counselor and is 24 years sober.

You might wonder, why was Matt Cherry my first interviewee, but not my first episode? The reason is that there was another layer of editing that I had to learn to work with our interview, so I focused on editing other interviews first.

My heart was lit up listening to our interview and I think yours will be too. Matt uses mountain biking as a tool to connect to nature, himself and spirit.

I feel confident you will be inspired listening to how Matt commits to riding and how his choice to do so feeds itself and nourishes him through the practice. May you find and make time for what lights you up!




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