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Episode 220th June 2022 • Publish Your Book • D. Scott Smith, MBA
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It was sometime after college that I first dreamed of writing a book. At the time self-publishing was (unkindly) referred to as “vanity publishing”. As if it was not valid. That myth lingers today.

 In 2018 I published my first book. The issue was that writing a book is a huge undertaking. In fact, it’s too big to be a goal. It’s a dream. Part of the enormity of the problem was that it was completely new territory. I had no guidance. I had to “go-it-alone”. Each step was painful.

 The fourth book I published, “Influence: Creation of Credibility” was to capture my process and make it available to other entrepreneurs. I break down the process into manageable steps to make it attainable for all coaches and consultants. Being a published author has led to being a guest on other podcasts, paid speaking gigs, and signing new clients.

 We talk about:

  • Publishing a book to grow your email list,
  • How your course increases your know/like/trust quotient, 
  • The secrets of accountability
  • Inspiring stories of coaches and consultants just like you
  • How to download my outlines for the book, course, and 12-week timeline.

In today’s episode:

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