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Moments with Moni - Monika Hardy EPISODE 105, 9th March 2021
105 Revelation 12:1-9 The Woman and the Dragon
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105 Revelation 12:1-9 The Woman and the Dragon

Episode 105 Revelation Chapter 12:1-9

The Woman and the Dragon:

Who is the Woman of Revelation 12? Many people wonder just that. There are so many differing opinions along denominational lines, so it's best to read it for yourself and dig deep into scriputre to find out for yourself. Is the woman the Church? Is the Woman Isreal? Is the woman somone else? As I have mentioned in the past, if we read the other 65 books of the Bible it will help interpret the 66th book. It's always best to let scripture interpret scripture rather than commentators. I do rely on commetators to give me a good chuckle or diffinitive answer, but know that there are some things that we just may not know until we get to heaven. (Like what the seven thunders said in the last chapter that John was not allowed to write down)

The woman had stars around her head, what was that all about?

She was pregnant too. Is the church ever referred to as a pregnant lady?

War in Heaven

Does the devil look like that cartoon character, red with a long tail and a pitchfork? Is Satan going to fight God for control at the end of the Tribulation period?

What about Arch Angels? Do they exist?

All these and more of your questions answered in this episode.

Moments with Moni