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Episode 4926th May 2023 • Mensimah's Round Table: Conversations with Women of Power and Grace • Dr. Mensimah Shabazz
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My goal is to share some personal experiences with you in this episode. I have, in almost every episode, underscored the importance of having a spiritual practice and I feel it is pertinent to share a personal journey I experienced with you because it showcases how our world could expand when we open ourselves up to spiritual intelligence. It guides us to some awesome places. My goodness! What a treat!

WHY DID I title this episode Breathe?

No one taught you and I how to breathe.

Supposing you were given all that you desire in an instant but you were told you will not open your eyes again, or breathe again, would you still accept it?

You see, there is a gift in the challenges we may be going through. It fosters our growth and transformation. It gives us something to work at, to expand to, and from personal experience, I can assure you how exhilarating life looks and feels when you come to the end of a transformational journey. 

So just breathe! Take it all in and release what does not serve you with the exhale.

Much love.


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