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Don't be an Asshat at Work
Episode 410th June 2024 • Coaches & Leaders Assemble: The Coaching and Leadership Podcast • Laura Royal
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In this episode of the Coaches and Leaders Assemble podcast titled "Don't Be an Asshat at Work," Laura highlights the issue of psychological safety in the workplace by calling out the outdated command-and-control leadership styles that continue to rear their ugly heads through the demonstration of 'asshattery'.

It's time to stop making excuses for people who exhibit toxic behaviours and start demanding better. These old-school leadership tactics aren't just ineffective—they're harmful.

Laura shares reflections on how to recogise this and move away from being a dictatorial "asshat" to becoming a supportive and empathetic leader. Creating a workplace where everyone feels safe to speak up, take risks, and be vulnerable is crucial for fostering trust, collaboration, and innovation. This isn't just about being nice; it's about driving performance and satisfaction in a meaningful way.

And here's the best part: this is a key theme in my upcoming book, which hits the shelves on 27th June 2024 where she dives even deeper into how to recognise toxic behaviours, hold leaders accountable, and create a culture of respect and inclusivity.

Don't miss this episode if you're serious about leading with empathy and making a real difference in your team's lives.

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