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Money, and Mindset: Real Conversations with a Financial Coach -45
Episode 4523rd May 2023 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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If you've been struggling with your finances, then you won't want to miss the latest episode of our podcast. Our guest is a Financial Coach that you can relate to, as walking the talk is what led her to her line of work. Your jaw will drop when you learn how quickly she and her husband paid off $245,000 in debt, and the list of other expenses they were still able to cover while doing it.

We keep the conversation relatable as we discuss such things as the feeling of shame that many of us attach to how we handle our money. For me, I have a hard time working around this belief that if I work hard, I deserve nice things, when in fact our self-worth should never be measured in material possessions, and working hard doesn't always equate a bank account that can afford those things. We don't just look at beliefs though, we cover a variety of topics related to money management, including planning for retirement, reducing debt, and setting financial goals.

Our speakers also share some inspiring stories of people who were able to pay off significant amounts of debt and create a better financial future for themselves. It is an encouraging reminder that it's never too late to turn around your finances and create the future you desire.

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Amy Greene Bio:

As a financial coach, and speaker, Amy Greene guides her clients to financial possibilities they never knew were within their reach. She guides her clients to learn sound money management skills, behaviors, habits, and mindsets that lead them to the life they desire. Amy is passionate about helping active families live without the stress, fear, and worry of money issues so they can live a life they love and leave a legacy for future generations.