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How Erica Passed the Philippines and U.S. CPA Exams
Episode 5318th May 2021 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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In this episode you'll hear from Erica, who is a true international CPA... having passed both the Philippines CPA and the U.S. CPA exams. Erica shares the details of her process, including how she only used a test bank along with the SuperfastCPA study tools to pass her exams, and how she used every spare minute to always be studying. Erica shares a bunch of very helpful tips and strategies, so don't miss this interview!

Episode Timestamps

01:07: How Erica’s study process started out after she was done with school. “I actually didn't purchase the whole package of review courses, to be honest…I was just answering the test bank and using the SuperfastCPA app, and then the audio.”

01:47: “I don't recommend that to everybody…it might not be enough for everyone out there.” —Nate

02:05: Erica explains how she was a CPA back in the Philippines before moving to the U.S.

02:44/15:52: Differences and similarities between the CPA exams in the U.S. and the Philippines. Erica takes her FAR test in a shorter period, similar to the requirements back in the Philippines and she passes.

03:42: Erica’s tight schedule working full time while in her last quarter of grad school.

05:08: Learn how Erica came across SuperfastCPA and how the study methods aligned with her goals of studying relevant content in a shorter period.

07:37: Erica highlights how she used the test bank.

10:00: Erica provides a comprehensive answer to Nate’s question, “Did you have a system of taking notes or creating flashcards for stuff that you personally struggled with? How did you do that?”

11:42: The value of taking notes and putting them in your own words.

12:10: Here’s what Erica did during her last week for the final review.

14:21: Erica celebrating after passing her fourth exam but feeling a ‘void’ of boredom from the free time.

17:31: Erica's top final tips for people currently in the study process

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