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What Gifts Do I Buy For My Bridal Party & Parents? - With Alexandra Puccini of Lavender and Pine Gifting
Episode 2619th August 2020 • Step-by-Step Wedding Prep • Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley
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Trying to figure out who to get for wedding gifts for is a challenge, and adds one more thing to your seemingly never-ending to-do list. But trying to figure out what to get is even more challenging. From bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, to parent gifts - this week we discuss who to buy for and how to find the perfect gifts to say thank you on your special day.

My guest today is Alexandra Puccini, owner of Lavender and Pine Gifting, and in this show we discuss:

  • How to begin to answer of the question of "What do I get?"
  • Your "Why" in wanting to give a gift in the first place
  • Why gifts don't have to be something material and what you can do instead
  • Bridesmaids proposals, and bridesmaids gifts -what should be in them and if they should be the same or different
  • Gifts for the guys
  • Avoiding expensive "trendy", disposable gifts that are basically picture props
  • Who you should really give gifts to if you're on a tight budget
  • Why buying gifts from local makers is so important and beneficial, not only to them but to you as well.
  • and more...

In addition, Alexandra has a very special, limited time surprise for our United States based listeners.

To learn more about Lavender and Pine Gifting, you can find them at:

on IG @lavenderandpinegifting and Pinterest at Lavender and Pine Gifting

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