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Embodiment with Breathwork & Plant Medicine - Interview with Ellen Wong
Episode 558th March 2022 • Divine Feminine CEO • The Uncorporette
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Did you know that my husband Dan got really sick a few years ago? 

And that when traditional medicine failed him (literally for years), he turned to plants for healing…and it worked!

Well, Ellen Wong experienced something similar when she left her career as a digital marketing exec in LA…

…to explore alternative healing modalities that would actually SUPPORT women.

This week, Shadow Mother Ellen and I will explore:

  • Why we - as modern women - tend to get stuck in the mind
  • How to access the wisdom your body already has
  • The astrology of why this matters so much in 2022
  • Why breathwork & plant medicine works so well
  • Microdosing & Ellen's "Moondose" container

Ellen Wong is a certified breathwork and Quantum Journey guide based in Downtown Los Angeles and Idyllwild, CA.

In April 2018, Ellen made the leap from her career as an executive creative director in digital marketing to co-create We Are All Daughters., a Quantum Holistic Healing Space supporting collective liberation through education, energetic therapy, entheogenic medicines and ritual tools. The Woo Knew? Podcast launched in April 2019 and follows creators Sam and Ellen's transformational journeys as they explore the world of alternative healing.

Ellen creates an energetic practice that merges breathwork, guided visualization/shamanic journeying, Cannabis Sativa and freeform movement. As a journey work guide, Ellen helps her circles and clients connect deeply to their Bodies, Little Selves, and to Quantum realities to reprogram limiting patterns and complete trauma cycles.

Learn more at: / @tripwithellen on IG / on IG / @wooknewpodcast on IG