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Creating Compelling Safety Trainings: An Interview with KPA’s Mulango Akpo-Esambe and Shawn Smith
Episode 3013th December 2023 • The Safety Meeting • KPA
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In this episode of The Safety Meeting, KPA's Mulango Akpo-Esambe (Lead Animator) and Shawn Smith (Product Director of Training and Content) discuss designing engaging and effective safety training materials. Mulango and Shawn provide insight into strategies for training and emerging trends—including immersive experiences, real-world case studies, and gamification.

  • (00:48) – Real-world experiences in training
  • (03:27) – Repetition and behavior changes
  • (06:07) – Developing training for diverse workforces
  • (10:27) – Technology integration
  • (12:26) – Measuring ROI of training
  • (14:00) – Success stories
  • (16:45) – Future trends in training

Thanks for joining another episode of The Safety Meeting, the podcast that makes you smarter about current trends and best practices in workforce safety. From employee engagement to actionable data, and everything in between, tune in to hear how you can work more safely.

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