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BJGP Interviews - The British Journal of General Practice EPISODE 21, 16th March 2021
Group consultations in general practice
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Group consultations in general practice

In this episode we talk to Drs Laura Swaithes and Andrew Finney from the Impact Accelerator Unit, School of Medicine, Keele University in the UK.

Experience of implementing and delivering group consultations in UK general practice: a qualitative study

Read the paper: https://doi.org/10.3399/BJGP.2020.0856

Group consultations are a relatively new approach in UK general practice, with much of the literature examining the impact on clinical outcomes. This study explores the experiences of general practice staff implementing and delivering group consultations. Recommendations for clinicians focus on the need for an implementation strategy that considers local contextual circumstances, and, local and national evaluation data measuring process outcomes, to support the set-up and sustainability of the approach.