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Building A Prosperous Career with The Saint In Scarlet | TSMP #099
Episode 9927th March 2022 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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It’s Time To SHOUT (Show Heart Obviously, Utterly, Transparently)!

The Saint in Scarlet is a professional mind reader based in Norfolk, England. He specialises in performing at alternative weddings. He has built a flourishing entertainment career in spite of the pandemic-related setbacks. After completing the MOMENTUM programme, Saint redesigned his entertainment packages and recently booked a £1000 gig.

Saint’s incredible journey is going to inspire you to take action and start working towards your entertainment career. We are proud of his accomplishments and we take this opportunity to share his story with the world.

In this episode, Saint joins Aidan and Ashley to share his thoughts on generating leads, creating attractive packages, and increasing the fees.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [00:30] Who Is The Saint In Scarlet?
  • [01:50] Saint’s Journey Into The Alternative Weddings Market
  • [05:55] How To Increase Your Prices Confidently
  • [11:20] You Need To Start SHOUTing!
  • [13:20] Why SEO Does Not Help In Lead Generation
  • [15:25] A Day In The Life Of Saint
  • [19:30] Gaining Momentum Through Desirable Packages
  • [23:00] How To ‘Justify’ Your Fees
  • [28:50] Does Being A ‘Good Person’ Pay Off?
  • [34:00] Booking Gigs Off Of Genuine Conversations
  • [43:30] Saint’s Message For Fellow Entertainers

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