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427: Building Your Brand within the Brand - Ask Denis
Episode 42724th March 2023 • Leadership Is Changing • Denis Gianoutsos.
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Building a personal brand is crucial for professionals looking to advance their careers in today's competitive business environment. The good news is that it's not impossible, and in this episode, Denis will explore how to build your brand while working within a larger organization effectively.

Denis will share tips on aligning with the company's values and culture, defining your unique value proposition, leveraging social media, collaborating with others, and staying relevant in your field. These are all essential steps toward building a solid personal brand within an organization. Denis emphasizes the importance of showcasing strengths, experiences, and "war stories" to create your brand within an organization. Leveraging social media is crucial for staying relevant and establishing yourself as an expert. 

Tune in to learn how to build a strong personal brand!

In this episode:

  • Building your brand: leveraging your strengths, experiences, and social media presence to stand out in the organization
  • Tips for building your personal brand within a large organization

Main takeaways:

  • Understanding the company's values and culture is important
  • Use skills and experiences to add value to the Organization
  • Consistency and authenticity are vital in using social media effectively
  • Share content that aligns with personal brand and organization values


"By creating a strong online presence, you can showcase your skills and experience and connect with others in the organization and establish yourself as an expert in your field." - Denis Gianoutsos

"Staying up to date can involve things like attending industry events and reading industry publications and participating in professional development opportunities." - Denis Gianoutsos

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