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[REPLAY] Top 10 Alternate Streams of Revenue for Physical Therapists
Episode 19131st December 2021 • The Aaron LeBauer Show • Aaron LeBauer
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If there’s one thing this pandemic taught us, it’s this: it always pays to stash something away for the rainy day. Join Aaron in today’s episode as he dishes out the different income streams he has up his sleeve which helped him prep for times like this. He’ll teach us how we can navigate through this pandemic sans the financial struggle and perhaps, come out 10x richer! Tune in and find out how we can make 2020 our best year ever, like Aaron did. 

“Control what you can control, make do with what you got, and take action everyday.”

- Aaron Lebauer

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In This Episode:

- Why you need to have more than one stream of revenue

- How to make it easy for people to do business with you.

- The amount of risk you’re taking with only one source of income and the 10 income streams worth venturing to.

- The sure way to make 2020 your best year ever!  

- What is the foremost consideration when choosing a side hustle?

- The #1 thing you need to do to make a stream of revenue amidst the pandemic.


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