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135: Lynne Roe | Building a Business Based on Your Desired Lifestyle
24th September 2021 • The Success Finder Podcast • Brandon Straza
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Lynne Roe is the Founder of LSR Consultants where she works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to develop a strong foundation to lead their business. She guides business owners in strategic planning, sound decision-making, leveraging team member strengths, and developing team collaboration, respect, and trust.


In this episode, she is going to talk about why it's best to know where you're at so you understand if you’re at the starting point. We also talk about building your business based on the lifestyle that you want, and Lynne finishes by talking about starting right now by stopping and asking yourself the outcome that you want for yourself, the roadblocks that are keeping you from achieving it, and the most important that you need to get right in your situation. Check it out! 



[00:01 – 03:27] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Lynne Roe
  • Checkout The Success Finder through the link below
  • Connect with Lynne through the links below
  • Lynnes' superpower 
  • Helping small business owners see where they’re headed


[03:28 – 13:34] Lynne and Her Experience with Self-Education

  • How learning has changed for Lynne over the years
  • Always seeking out that knowledge
  • Lynne’s mentors and masterminds
  • Analyze the weakest part of the business and seek out help
  • Learning from other people’s experiences
  • Seeking for different perspectives
  • How Lynne mitigates risk in terms of investing on coaches 
  • Avoiding group coaching
  • Prefer a “private tutor” 
  • How masterminds has helped Lynne get unstuck and reset
  • Having experts to bounce ideas with 
  • Keeps you from making big mistakes 

[13:35 – 18:56] What to Expect from Lynne

  • What to expect when you invest in yourself and work with Lynne
  • Have a plan and clarity on the lifestyle that you want to lead 
  • Building a business to match the lifestyle 
  • A success story from people who worked with Lynne
  • Realizing the need for guidance at a very young age
  • Learning and teaching in the mastermind 

[18:57 – 24:05] Closing Segment

  • Exciting things in store for Lynne
  • Actionable Items/Tips from Lynne
  • Start by stopping 
  • Stop, take a breath, and take action really fast 
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

“I purposely put together people who are not in the same industry. I tried to put together people who are complementary, but definitely not in the same industry because they need different perspectives.” - Lynne Roe

“You can't differentiate if you're doing exactly what everyone else is doing. So you really need a different perspective so that you can do something, do some of what you do a little differently from everybody else.” - Lynne Roe

Connect with Lynne on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or send her an email at You can also check out her website at

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