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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now 16th December 2020
The Intersection of Cutting-Edge Tech and Trustworthy Relationships: Zach Ramirez with Ally Logistics
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The Intersection of Cutting-Edge Tech and Trustworthy Relationships: Zach Ramirez with Ally Logistics

In this episode of Supply Chain Now, Scott and Greg welcome Zach Ramirez with Ally Logistics to the podcast.

Zach Ramirez is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Ally Logistics. After working with a major food distributor in the Grand Rapids area, fulfilling roles both in sales and logistics, Zach was driven to pursue the world of marketing. After working in a video strategy agency, Zach left to launch his own web and marketing agency. With a background in video advertising and a successful corporate consulting track record, Zach is passionate about educating the logistics industry on the power of marketing and clean sales processes. Zach is a believer in playing to people’s strengths and bringing out the best in the teams he has the privilege of working alongside.

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