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038-How to Foster a Growth Mindset With Deri Latimer
Episode 3811th April 2018 • ignite physio • Andrew Koppejan
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In episode 38, hosts Andrew and Maxi enjoy talking with guest Deri Latimer about the topic of fostering a growth mindset as health professionals, and how it specifically relates to the Physiotherapist and clinician community.

As the founder of ‘Positivity Speaking’ and a motivational keynote speaker including TEDx, Deri's work focuses on creating mindful leaders of today, re-energizing the workplace, re-engaging purpose and re-igniting performance. 


Some of the key topics discussed include:

  • The definition of a growth mindset, and why it's so important.
  • How we can lose a growth mindset.
  • What the result is when professionals adopt a growth mindset, how it changes them and the way they interact.
  • Practical ways that we can foster and increase our own growth mindset, for a more rewarding and satisfying career.

You'll enjoy this interview!