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Overcoming sabotage
Episode 89th September 2021 • Strategy and the Virtual Controller • Penny Breslin & Damien Greathead
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Without a clear vision, and your constant leadership your team can sometimes get led astray buy other team members with their own agenda. As the the business owner you can't delegate this leadership responsibility. If it's not constant and consistent, someone will fill this void for you.

Penny shared an email she received this week from a client with an internal saboteur. Unfortunately the owner lost a couple of longstanding employees because of them, and now faced potentially losing clients if they were to fire that employee. The business owner got themselves into this pickle because they had allowed the employees (or rather employee) to take control of the business. Unfortunately this scenario is all too common in accounting firms and so we spend the rest of the episode discussing strategies on how to overcome these employee-led firms. Be ready for some collateral damage in terms of other staff members or clients leaving if you don't take responsibility for leading your business.

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