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The Ultimate Website Conversion Optimization Strategy - with Zach Bailey, Lead Partner Strategist at Justuno
Episode 523rd March 2023 • The Conversion Show • Erik Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Justuno
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Zach Bailey, Lead Partner Strategist at Justuno, works on website conversion optimization every single day with ecommerce brands, agencies, and various brand sites. He walks through their top questions and challenges - and how these brands are driving more email and SMS lead capture, higher conversion rates, and higher AOV.

This episode is jam-packed with real-life examples and advice to optimize your website visitor experience and conversion optimization.

Zach and Erik talk all things conversion optimization, including:

  • Persuasive messaging
  • Customer obsession
  • Leveraging popups for more than just coupon codes and sales
  • Applying your email strategy to your onsite strategy
  • E-commerce success formulas
  • Identifying and amplifying your impact and brand story
  • How to reduce conversion friction on your website
  • Building trust through a better onsite customer experience
  • Sharing the information your customers want
  • How to leverage shopping psychology and FOMO

Host: Erik Christiansen -

Guest: Zach Bailey -





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