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How to Hire a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER with Stephanie Mead
Episode 161st February 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Stephanie Mead is a digital marketing strategist focused on social media management.

Today she shares:

  • The two stages her clients are usually in before they hire a SMM and how to know if you are ready- She also shares some great tips to simplify creating content for your social media if you aren’t there yet.

  • The importance of having quality followers over a high quantity to help you

Build relationships

Convert to leads

Build your brand and presence

  • The dangers of social media strategy through outdated advice and youtube videos.

  • The big recommendations she gives clients across the board. [Hint-It’s all about your engagement and understanding your target market.]

  • The time and cost investment clients can expect to start with for a beginner level social media manager and experienced smm as social media evolves

  • Questions to ask when hiring a SMM to get clarity avoid disappointment on both ends

  • The metrics that really matter when it comes to measuring social media success. And how to show prospective clients your worth as a SMM while keeping existing clients information private

  • Red flags to look out for when hiring a SMM And how to show up and be a kickass client

  • The value of communication when it comes to strategy and a long term relationship with your SMM

  • All about her successful Facebook Group for SMMs and business owners and her social media course- check links below for more info and awesome resources!




Instagram @stephaniemeadcreative

Facebook @stephaniemeadcreative

Facebook Group- thesocialmediasociety