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054: How to create a bullet proof content plan for coaches
Episode 5418th November 2022 • Online Coaching • Stephanie Fiteni
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Creating a content plan can feel hard when you overanalyze your business and audience and get yourself into an overwhelmed state. Sometimes you might also experience idea blocks.

When you create a content plan the RIGHT way, both these issues are not a problem. 

I dislike the airy fairy way in which some so-called content experts will also you to think of your pillars and create your content plan based on that.

It might be enough if you’re looking to do a little bit of social, but if you want to create a content plan that actually generates leads and turns them into clients, then you need to go a little bit deeper.

You need to find topic ideas that your ideal clients are already out there looking for. You need to have proof - not just base your content plan on assumptions.

In this Episode, we talk about…

- Focusing on producing less content at higher quality

As a coach, your content needs to generate leads but also build your authority. So don’t skimp on quality.

- Create your titles from keywords

Learn how to research your ideal clients and how to use keyword research tools (ideally multiple ones) so that you know for sure what people want.

- Convey your values

Make sure that people who come across your content know your values 

- Add testimonials and case studies

Pepper your content with client success stories only people who believe you can deliver what you promise will buy.

- Create a doable repurposing strategy

Repurposing is key to amplify your visibility but the idea is to do as much as possible with the resources you have not to overwhelm yourself or dream bigger than your resources allow.

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