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Guardians of the Caribou
Episode 616th November 2023 • What On EARTH Can We Do? • Alberta Emerald Foundation
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In this episode, Bri delves into the crucial work of the Caribou Patrol program with Stephanie Leonard, the environmental coordinator at the Asenuwiche Winewak Nation (AWN). Discover the inspiring efforts behind protecting and conserving the caribou population in west-central Alberta, from highway patrols to educational outreach. Explore the deep cultural significance of caribou to the AWN and the intricate balance they maintain within the local ecosystem. Learn about the challenges Caribou face in the wild and the vision for a future where caribou thrive, creating a healthier environment for all. Take advantage of this insightful conversation on the interconnectedness of nature, conservation, and cultural heritage. 🦌🌿 

Learn more about The Caribou Patrol:

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