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The Secret Intelligence of Water with Veda Austin (OG 019)
20th May 2022 • The Oto Gomes Crypto Show • Oto Gomes
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“This is water actually communicating with me, showing me that it understands what I’m showing it.”

Water is the cornerstone of life, yet we don’t fully recognize its impact on every moment of our lives. Transparent, conscious, and reflective, the intelligence of water is under-appreciated in the modern world. Water researcher, artist, and author shares how she came into this unique field of inquiry and how this knowledge transformed her world view. We cover why water is the rebel element, how water holds memories, and the deeper spiritual significance of water.


  • [05:01] What was Veda’s red pill moment?
  • [13:28] Is there a greater spiritual significance to tears?
  • [18:00] Does the structure of water change how it affects us?
  • [30:10] Why did Veda begin her water memory explorations?
  • [41:15] When did Veda realize that water could understand her?
  • [52:19] How are light and water connected?
  • [1:07:11] Visual proof of water’s conscious powers.
  • [1:32:03] The greater scientific significance of this knowledge
  • [1:44:29] Why Veda sees water as non judgmental and the observer.
  • [1:51:01] The similarities between thoughts and clouds.
  • [2:07:31] Why it’s important to get in touch with your sense of feeling.
  • [2:11:31] Why using force creates a repelling energy.
  • [2:17:19] How water helps connect and communicate with source energy.

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