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Human Design and Living on Purpose w/Megan Seamans -03
Episode 32nd August 2022 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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In different ways and by varying influences, we’ve all been conditioned to move through this world in a certain way that has worked for others and been deemed acceptable. Human Design helps to unlock what is unique in each of us that may better illuminate ways our conditioning, and the things we keep hitting up against, may not be in our best interest. That these may not be in alignment with what will allow us to move through this world with more ease. Human Design was brand new to me and Megan Seamans was the perfect guest to lead us as we embark to learn a little more about Human Design; touching on the first layer of the five types that look at energy. Join us for an engaging conversation and an opportunity to expand your understanding of Human Design and how it might apply to your life.

Megan Seamans is a certified Energy Coach and Human Design Guide. She supports people to tap into their magic and confidently lead their life; without people pleasing, fear, or doubt standing in the way.

After navigating the loss of her brother in 2018 and facing burnout on the thing she was the most passionate about, she changed the way she looked at purpose.

Now, Megan helps humans around the globe to live their own kind of extraordinary. Megan’s been named the Clarity Queen as her coaching provides rapid clarity for people to go from frozen in time to magnetically in motion.

Connect with Megan Seamans:

Megan’s Book - Balanced Out: The 21-day guided workbook for women who want to move from overwhelmed and stressed to confidently living on purpose.

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