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Navigating the Sober Firsts
Episode 519th February 2024 • Losing Part of Me • Teresa Campbell
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In this episode, titled The Firsts, I dive into the challenges and triumphs I faced as I encountered various "firsts" on my path to recovery.

I share my initial struggles with the concept of firsts – those occasions that used to be reasons for me to drink. Whether it was a birthday, a dinner party, or a weekend getaway, the idea of facing these events without alcohol seemed daunting at the start of my journey.

The first major hurdle came when my husband went on a skiing trip shortly after I began my journey to sobriety. Alone with my thoughts, I realised the importance of self-integrity and taking responsibility for my decisions. I grappled with the challenge of being on my own during this time and learned valuable lessons about setting boundaries and prioritising my well-being.

As I fast-forward through the year, I recount moments such as my first public speaking engagement just a month into sobriety. Navigating social events where alcohol was expected, I developed strategies to maintain my sobriety while still being true to myself.

As the year progressed, I faced more firsts – festivals, solo events, flights, and even the holiday season. Each presented its own set of challenges, but with time, I found new ways to cope and celebrate without alcohol.

Sharing my experiences of disclosing my journey to select individuals, including my family, I open up about the emotional toll it took and the fears that accompanied these conversations. The weight of shame, judgement, and the worry of potential relapse made it challenging to talk about my newfound commitment to sobriety.

Throughout this episode, the recurring theme emerges – the importance of not questioning the decision to stay sober. Even in the face of tough times and unexpected challenges, I've learned that alcohol won't solve the problems or bring the relief it once promised.

As I reflect on the past year and the myriad of firsts, I want to remind you, that no matter where you are on your journey, you are not alone. 

Sending you love and strength as you navigate your own path to sobriety. Remember, you've got this. 💙




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