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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 58, 6th July 2021
How Glennda Baker Makes an Additional 6-Figures Directly Through Social Media (Without Selling Anything)
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How Glennda Baker Makes an Additional 6-Figures Directly Through Social Media (Without Selling Anything)

How do you make money on social media without selling anything? Is it possible to drive a ton of traffic and sales by a simple Instagram or TikTok post? Social media is about social interaction and building relationships. It's never about pitching your latest offer. But the process of building a massive social media following requires a delicate balance among the factors that drive audience behavior and the algorithm. Is there a perfect formula? Well, someone seems to have discovered the ideal way to do it. 

In today's episode, Sharran interviews Glennda Baker, President & CEO of Glennda Baker & Associates, Inc. Glennda brings an innovative marketing style with superior networking skills to increase traffic to her site. She believes that “thinking outside the box” and exposing your offer to the maximum amount of potential buyers is key to getting the best deal possible. She's been using social media, specifically TikTok, to be visible to as many people as possible. If you want to get tips on generating sales via social media, tune in to this exciting conversation right now.

“It is so much more difficult to be fake than to be real.” 

- Glennda Baker


00:00 - Glennda decides to use social media and do live videos

05:50 - Why start with live video and stories, and which platforms are right for you

10:45 - Sharran shares two lessons from Jason Capital to help drive organic growth

14:00 - How Glennda's presence on TikTok has brought her more inquiries 

15:11 - Finding the common thread in what shows up in your feeds

20:32 - Building a following in a month by Jason Capital

25:12 - How Glennda picks a topic and format for her videos

29:56 - Discover the power of DMs

39:20 - What persona do you project on social media

44:01 - How does Glennda' manage her time and content creation

48:07 - How do you become top of mind for people who are looking for answers

49:42 - The compound effect of posting every single day and being intentional about impacting people



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