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Growth Collective - Growth Collective EPISODE 6, 11th November 2020
Holistic Marketing with Bentzi Rubin
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Holistic Marketing with Bentzi Rubin

This week join Max as he and Bentzi Rubin discuss the importance of a holistic marketing approach and how to best utilize freelancers to fill in gaps in house. They discuss topics such as:

  • Startups v. Corporations [02:23]
  • Explosion in number of marketing channels [05:51]
  • How to build a marketing team [10:49]
  • Cross-functional communication [12:53]
  • Importance of the website element in a marketing funnel [14:55]
  • Importance of diversifying your ad-spend platform [32:06]
  • Utilizing freelance experts [35:53]
  • Dangers of a false negative in paid search [38:56]