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Episode 3: The power of entrepreneurial thinking for brands: Virgin Atlantic
Episode 311th June 2024 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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This episode is the third in our series on entrepreneurial thinking, that can benefit any brand, whatever the size. In our first episode we looked at the benefits of entrepreneurial thinking and identified 6 principles that can benefit any brand. 

In this episode The Marketing Society member Ruth Fittock speaks to Head of Clubhouses at Virgin Atlantic, Rami El-Dahshan about one of those principles specifically- customer obsession. 

We dive into Virgin Atlantic's customer-centric approach and how they deliver personalized experiences in their luxurious lounges and on board their flights. Rami, our guest from Virgin Atlantic, shares how the leadership team, including the CEO, regularly works shifts in the lounges to gain a deep understanding of the customer experience.

Discover how Virgin Atlantic empowers their staff to build meaningful relationships with customers and provide exceptional, tailored service without following a strict script. Learn about the company's investment in staff development and their unique culture that encourages employees to be themselves.

We explore Virgin Atlantic's differentiation strategy, focusing on providing a luxurious experience with fresh, seasonal menus and an emphasis on the provenance of ingredients. Rami also discusses the airline's commitment to incorporating sustainable practices and providing customers with tangible examples of their brand values in action.

Gain insights into Virgin Atlantic's highly loyal customer base and how they foster strong relationships by responding to feedback and engaging in dialogue. Finally, we discuss the company's approach to partnering with innovative, up-and-coming brands to stay ahead of trends and enhance their offerings.

Whether you're in the airline industry, hospitality, or any customer-facing business, this episode is packed with valuable lessons on delivering exceptional personalized experiences, empowering staff, and building strong customer relationships. Tune in now and learn from Virgin Atlantic's customer-centric success story!

Our Host: Ruth Fittock

Ruth has almost 20 years experience building brands- from start-up to scale up, launch to acquisition. She’s helped U.S brands (vitaminwater, popchips) launch and scale in the UK and grown brands from scratch here too (Simply Roasted Crisps).  Ruth has recently started a new consultancy- Tomorrow Brands, to help the purpose-driven global brands of tomorrow launch in the UK.

Our Guest: Rami El-Dahshan, Head of Clubhouses at Virgin Atlantic

Head of Lounges at Virgin Atlantic for the last three years. Previously head of UK sales for Virgin and a variety of commercial roles at British Airways.


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