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True crime grapple - Dan Kelton EPISODE 39, 11th June 2020
Issei Sagawa The Japanese Cannibal

Issei Sagawa The Japanese Cannibal

 Issei Sagawa was a small, shy, and studious man from Japan who had always been preoccupied with thoughts of eating another human being.  After moving to Paris, France, to obtain a PhD at Sorbonne University, he felt more alone and out-of-place than ever as he struggled to suppress his darkest desires.  He was never good at making friends until he met Dutch expatriate Renee Hartevelt, herself a doctoral student.  As their friendship continued over the weeks, Issei was finally coming out of his shell but not without bringing him to commit the vilest of acts on the least likely of victims.

Show researched and written by Lauren Daryani

Narrated by Dan Kelton

Editing and Music by Baba Beats @bvbvbeats on Insta

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