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Chapter 63. How do you think the Skunk would feel about that?
Episode 6312th July 2021 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Before you say anything, yes I did say that we would be talking about Books this week.

But we weren't feeling it and anyway the diary entries for this week were jam-packed with potential for follow-up questions. So instead of a balanced literary debate we get to the heart of the topics you really want to know about;

Why do I seem to spend so much time looking for Shower Gel?

At what point did the rest of the Band tell me they thought my AOS set-list was a bit s**t? Would talc have made it easier to swallow?

And how do I feel about putting my name on some blokes big chopper?

And you can probably begin to see why it took less than a nano-second to make a decision about this weeks chapter.

Love'n'bumps in the road,


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