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SBL Wellbeing: Top Tips
Episode 1927th July 2021 • School Business Leadership • Laura Williams
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Kemi Arogundade, Sally Boaden and Husham Khan from ABBLed join me for the second in a special series of podcasts discussing the hot topics that SBLs are dealing with right now.

In Part 2, we're talking all things SBL wellbeing and we have a lot to say! We talk about the power of saying no, how you can take control of your workload, the hidden powers of your diary, how to tame your inbox plus what we should be doing to help our future selves…

The episode at a glance:

[2:09] – Kemi gives us a definition of wellbeing and the different areas of wellbeing we’ll be talking about in this episode (POP!)

[4:53] – The group talk about the importance of professional wellbeing. We share our thoughts about this area plus a number of tools to help you achieve it

[37:02] - We share our tips to help you improve your personal wellbeing including how to switch off and enjoy your break (and how to be smart about preparing for your return!)

[01:19.41] – We talk about the role that organisations have when it comes to supporting wellbeing and how they can do that more effectively

[01:33:18] – The group sums up the top take-aways from this episode

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