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Episode 369 – Fake Managing Your Ham n Egger on the Xbox
Episode 36928th March 2022 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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FastFret and SeanGeek chat about Halo, Cooperative games, Tom Clancy’s Spinter Cell, Tom Clancy’s Division, Far Cry, and State of Decay 2. We also discuss SeanGeek’s injury which digs deep into carpet underlay, spring thaws, Winnipeg’s epic snowfall of 2022, Ikea tables and stucco. (18:20)

We take snow shoveling techniques, warmdowns and segue into (21:12) the Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum podcast.

(22:37) What is a real Podcaster? And which ones are just jumping onto bandwagons? We talk Joe Rogan, Anthony Robbins, and the podcaster’s that sell circular references.

(33:31) Some managers lack that one skill that matters the most: communication. We talk about some “tips and tricks” some managers use that actually hurt their standing with their employees. How much do we hate acronyms? You will find out.

(43:43) And out of the annals of Bobby the

Brain Heenan we talk about what is a “ham n egger”?

We do a lot of callouts each episode and this one is no exception: Sam Thompson, James Beaver, and Stefan Richards. And of course, Rage Rage and the Manitoba Moneyshot Podcast.

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