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Engage Video Marketing Podcast - Ben Amos EPISODE 136, 16th March 2020
Inside a Video Strategy Coaching Call with Liz Moscrop

Inside a Video Strategy Coaching Call with Liz Moscrop

In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, I am taking you behind the scenes of a one-to-one coaching call that I did with one of the founding students of the Engage Video Marketing Academy - Liz Moscrop.

Liz Moscrop is the founder of GearUp.TV. An award winning private aviation specialist journalist Liz Moscrop attended EAA Air Venture in Wisconsin, and realised there was a much better way of storytelling. After years working for companies such as the Financial Times, The Robb Report, AIN, Arabian Aerospace and Flight Global, she had the knowledge and contacts to gather a splendid team around her. 

As you’ll hear in this 1:1 coaching call Liz is considering her options around using live streaming and featuring interviews with industry leaders and she is uncertain about how to best approach this from a strategic perspective.

Through the coaching call Ben works with Liz to develop a plan based around creating a series of effective ‘social engagement’ videos from remotely conducted zoom interviews to solidly position her business as ‘thought leaders’ for her industry.