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Success Unlocked - Rob Temple EPISODE 3, 17th June 2020
Why Happiness Is A Choice - with Holly Matthews
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Why Happiness Is A Choice - with Holly Matthews

Holly’s Definition Of Success:

Success should not be defined by popularity, or by Instagram or by hashtags. Success for me is feeling connected to family and friends. From my work point of view, I will feel truly successful when I will be the go-to self development person in the UK and then the world. TV, shows, books, workshops, events -- that would be me at my pinnacle of success. Success for me is being happy all throughout the journey. 

Show notes:

  • What does success mean for Holly - 3:08
  • How Holly got into the world of personal development - 5:14 
  • Holly’s daily happiness regime - 16:06
  • The importance of being grateful in the moment - 18:38
  • Holly’s daily practise for family affirmations - 20:05
  • The importance of creating and practicing good habits everyday - 21:07
  • Mindfulness and how to use it - 22:15
  • Holly’s advice to begin taking action on this episode - 24:38

Best Piece Of Personal Development Advice Holly Received:

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got."


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