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BNZ Connect SME Podcast - Bank of New Zealand EPISODE 3, 4th August 2020
Innovating out of adversity
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Innovating out of adversity

What do you do when a global pandemic wipes out your customers almost overnight? Joe Bradford from Fiasco, a road case manufacturer for the events industry, and Olive Tabor, who owns a boutique burger and ice-cream truck called Patti’s & Cream, are two innovative businesses who weren’t going to let lockdown smother their business ambitions. Discover how they created entirely new products and distribution channels overnight, transforming their businesses in a matter of days.

Hosted by New Zealand Herald Business Editor at Large, Liam Dann.

The guests featured in this podcast are sharing their own views and experiences. As this podcast is for general information purposes only, content should not be relied upon as professional advice. Always get your own independent advice that takes into account your personal situation. If you’d like to access a transcript of this podcast, you can view it online at blog.bnz.co.nz/podcasts.