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Trailer5th November 2019 • The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide • Eric Payne
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The Dating After Divorce Survival Guide is the tale of one man's journey out of love and then back into love — first with himself, then with the rest of the world — which proves to be quite the challenge.

Eric Payne, a divorced dad and retired marriage and fatherhood blogger (, tells the comedic tale of his "Chapter 2" — having to start life over brand new after a divorce he didn't want.

Although "free” for the first time in 15 years, Eric has years of baggage and a stubborn desire to hold on to the past which initially keeps him stuck as he tries to move in a world way different than the one where he first met his ex-wife in the year 2000. From ghosting to online dating, to the self-care that is required of a 43-year-old, divorced black man in America, Eric tackles it all with fearless transparency and a refreshing sense of humor. Especially when it comes to making fun of himself. Tune in for the exploits, especially the failures — there are plenty along the way on his journey to finding love again.

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