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The Demise of Accounting Qualifications & Mental Resilience Tips for Accountants
Trailer12th December 2021 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Trailer - coming up this week on the daily radio-show style Accounting Influencers Podcast with Martin Bissett & Rob Brown:

Monday: hear the full show with the best bits of accounting/fintech news, two special guest/expert interviews and practical tips for accounting professionals in the 'here's what works' segment.

Tuesday: News - Martin & Rob discuss "Accounting Qualifications - Do Clients Really Care You are FCCA or CPA?" Are they more concerned by the tech vendor play to make non-accountants Xero or Quick Books certified?

Wednesday: Special Guest Interview. "A Rich Career in Audit - Accounting Leaders Special with Paul Winrow of top UK accountancy practice MHA MacIntyre Hudson. Paul has over 25 years audit experience, spending the first ten years of his career in Big 4 firms and has spent the last ten years in technical roles. He talks to Rob about negativity and bad PR around audit quality in the accounting profession, how Covid has driven technical changes in accountancy and lessons for leaders. Note the full uncut interview comes out at the weekend.

Thursday: Here's What Works - Rob & Martin offer up practical advice and tips for accounting practitioners and CPAs on mental resilience. In today's challenging, exhausting and uncertain times, mental strength has never been more tough to acquire and vital to survive.

Friday: Expert Interview - Advanced Pricing Strategies for Accountants. Mark Stiving has studied, led and coached businesses through the lens of pricing for 25 years. In this highlights version, Mark explains why accountants have problems with value-based pricing, whether it's possible to value price for anything, such as accounting audits or basic commodities, plus the biggest risk accountants face in moving from hourly to value based pricing. Note the full uncut interview comes out at the weekend.

Saturday: UNCUT full length Accounting Leaders Special with Paul Winrow. "A Rich Career in Audit with Lessons for Accounting Leaders."

Sunday: UNCUT full Expert Interview - "Advanced Pricing Strategies for Accountants with Mark Stiving"


The Accounting Influencers Podcast is a daily show with four segments coming out every Monday Martin which are repeated on the other 6 days as standalone episodes, plus full uncut interviews on the weekend. 

Hosts Martin and Rob love to hear from the show's 7000+ listeners in 144 countries around the world. If you like the show, leave a review wherever you listen, and please recommend the show to your friends and colleagues. 



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