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64. (S2E28) People First Mentality with Ashley Harmon
Episode 6421st July 2022 • FINE is a 4-Letter Word • Lori Saitz
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Today you get to hear from Ashley Harmon about the time in her life - after a series of miscarriages - when she was doing ok enough to fool everyone around her, but really, barely keeping her head above water. And then how she pulled herself out of that dark place. And when I say pulled herself out, it wasn’t something she did alone.

Plus we’re talking about lying to yourself, re-finding your motivation and the importance of having a support system in place.

Ashley Harmon is a Regional Sales Director at Twilio with a People First Mentality. As you’ll hear, she has a passion for helping others succeed and reach their full potential. Ashley is a Dog Mom, a Human Mom and a Karaoke enthusiast. She is passionate about her family and her work, and she strives to make the world around her a better place.

Ashley's hype song is A Million Dreams


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