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#234 - All The Horses
Episode 2349th June 2023 • The Give Zero Clucks Podcast • Beverly Ross
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When you learn about some of the more outlandish things Bev takes on, like six rescue horses, do you ever wonder how she makes those decisions and loops her family in? Spoiler alert, sometimes she doesn't. But as a neurodivergent person that is actively seeking to face her own bullpoo while also having grace and love for herself, recognizing where she could make different choices that would be better for her AND her loved ones, is key to farming more joy.

In this episode, you'll hear all about how Bev agreed to rescue 6 horses, without discussing it with her loved ones first. She shares how that negatively impacted their relationship, how she took responsibility for that decision, and ways she's working to grow so she can be true to herself without harming her relationships.

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