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398 | Should You Give Your Friends a Discount?
Episode 39810th May 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Recorded live through Instagram, Cayla answers your questions about money in this episode of Mommy Millionaire. The main topic today is money and whether or not you should give your friends a discount. Well, first, why do you want to give a friend a discount? Cayla demonstrates that it is the people-pleasing side of you that wants that and a true friend will actually want to pay full price.

Listen on to find out more and the answers to other questions like “Should I use a credit card?” and “How should I pay my bills?” Remember that money is a poor master but a great servant. Ultimately, money is a tool that needs to be used in alignment with your goals. So, make that alignment plan and go for it.

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You will learn:

  • [1:54] - Why do we give our friends a discount? Your friends should be paying full price.
  • [2:40] - Look at the people-pleasing tendency inside and determine where it came from.
  • [4:08] - True friends will not ask for a discount.
  • [5:12] - When it comes to credit cards, do you have the discipline to pay it off every month?
  • [6:26] - Cayla gives some tips on how to manage credit cards to build wealth.
  • [7:08] - Saving will not make you rich.
  • [8:39] - Cayla describes her monthly alignment plan.
  • [9:20] - Pay yourself before you pay the bills.
  • [11:10] - Money is a poor master and can rule your life if you’re not careful.
  • [12:21] - The alignment plan helps you make wise decisions on where your money goes.
  • [14:03] - When you are in alignment, you will see all the opportunities.

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