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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 27, 12th February 2021
Product Marketing Life | Matthew Ventrella, Upwork
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Product Marketing Life | Matthew Ventrella, Upwork

We got together with Matthew Ventrella, Product Marketing Manager at Upwork, and discussed the PMM process and how that ties into a culture focused on ownership, feedback, and continuous improvement. Matthew explains what this means to him, shares tips and actionable insights for others, and more.


Change management is really hard. There's no other way of going about it. Changing mindsets, changing the way that people behave is definitely a challenging thing. It requires a lot of buy-in, and it requires a lot of education to take others on the journey. So to help get change off the ground, it's really vital to have a clear outcome of where the team should go, and an outline of what actually needs to change.