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How To Escape Superhero Syndrome When Being A Crusader Is Hard-Wired In Your DNA [Episode 004]
Episode 424th June 2020 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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You want to change the world, but it's exhausting doing it on your own. How can you escape from superhero syndrome when everyone looks to you to lead the change?

What You'll Cover Today On Escaping Superhero Syndrome:

  • How we end up with superhero syndrome, even if we're not wearing our pants on the outside of our trousers (this sentence will confuse my American friends)
  • Why what started as an exciting idea leads to resentment and overwhelm
  • How the 4Ps might be to blame
  • Practical strategies to inspire a tribe of people to help you - and even take on your 'monkeys'
  • The role you actually need to assign to yourself, as the 'crusader-antidote'

Shownotes and resources: