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How To Build Self-Discipline & Stop Procrastinating - with Gemma Ray
Episode 1911th November 2020 • Success Unlocked • Rob Temple
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  • What is self-discipline and the best way to approach it? (03:15)
  • Why starting small is the key to self-discipline (06:45)
  • The relationship between self-discipline and procrastination. What causes procrastination? (10:00)
  • Many people procrastinate out of fear. Why is this the case? (16:02)
  • How did Gemma come from being, in her own words, ‘the queen of procrastination’ to writing several books, one of them on procrastination? (18:05)
  • What are the first actionable steps for someone struggling with procrastination to start building their self-discipline? (19:40)