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Business School - Sharran Srivatsaa EPISODE 22, 27th October 2020
Creating the 30-day Book Writing Challenge with Joshua Sprague
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Creating the 30-day Book Writing Challenge with Joshua Sprague

Do you think you could write a book? Do you believe, in yourself, that you could write a bestseller? In this new episode, Sharran talks with Joshua Sprague, a self-made author, marketer, and skier who wrote a book in 21 days and created the life he knew he could have, no matter what. They discuss Joshua’s system for making any issue feel manageable, his process for writing a bestseller in under a month, and the mentality that made his success inevitable.

“If you have an unwavering commitment to not compromising on yourself, you will figure it out.” 

- Joshua Sprague

In This Episode:

- The steps you can do RIGHT NOW to create financial freedom

- The mentality necessary for redefining your limits

- How Joshua wrote an Amazon bestselling book in 21 days

- Why self-imposed constraints accelerated Joshua’s writing

- Why “problem tiers” is the difference between discussing issues and SOLVING them

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